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What Students Are Saying

“This was a fantastic course. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their content marketing pay and expertise. Sid is an exceptional teacher, with lots of instructional material and exercises to get you up and going. If you are looking to make over $5,000 a month blogging, this is the course you need to take.”

Luiz Centenaro

“I wish I had this course when I started freelancing three years ago. But, that's ok, because I have it now! I have been through the course and plan to go through it again taking my time to complete the actions steps. I look forward to upping my freelancing game and income! The course is well-done and easy to follow. Sid is also generous with his advice. Thanks!”

Lori Hil

“Wow! This course completely blew away my expectations. Not only does this class walk you through, step-by-step, how to get started making money online as a blogger, it also gives you the foundations to build a true business. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in making money online and wants a huge head start.”

Nate Ginsburg

“I've been blogging for some six years and only recently I've decided to make my blog one of my income sources. Glad I found this course as it provides with some truly great tips on how to turn freelance blogging into a real career!”

Angela Corrias

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What is this course about?

    • The benefits of guest posting

    • Sid's hierarchy of guest blog sites

    • The 5 steps to guest posting mastery

  • 2


    • Finding the right places to guest post on

    • Prioritising your target list

    • The simplest way to get direct email addresses

    • Assignment #1

  • 3


    • How to find the best guest post topics

    • The 4 blog post titles that never fail

    • Assignment #2

  • 4


    • What make a great guest post pitch

    • Examples of good and bad pitches

    • Assignment #3

  • 5


    • How to write an epic guest post

    • A framework for rapid blog post writing

    • The most important part of a guest post

    • Assignment #4

  • 6

    Follow Up

    • Following up and continuing the relationship

    • How to ask for referrals to other blogs

  • 7


    • Creating a habit of guest posting

    • What the future holds for you

About Sid

Sid Bharath

Marketing Consultant

Sid is a marketing consultant for SAAS startups and the creator of Contentwright, a resource he created for other entrepreneurs who want to learn how content marketing can help them. He is an avid blogger and writes for publications like Forbes, The Next Web, CMI, and more.